Smile! Top Cosmetic Dentist Shares Secrets To Success And Patient Tips For Superior, Long-Lasting Results


All it takes is one look at the beautiful cosmetic dentistry of Dr. Joyce Bassett to know she is equal parts expert and artist. The results are dramatic in the best way possible. 

To better understand how Dr. Bassett transforms some of the worst sets of teeth into world-class smiles, we recently spoke with her about secrets to success.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Bassett says her ability to achieve superior results starts with a passion to be the best. She graduated high school at age 16 and dental school at 23. “I’ve always been driven to excel and, to this day, I’m always challenging myself to improve.”

Although Dr. Bassett continually advances her dentistry knowledge and skills, she is already widely recognized for her previous accomplishments. In addition to numerous awards, frequent teaching engagements, and editorial board memberships at peer-reviewed publications, she is an Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. This is the highest level of clinical achievement earned in the Academy.

Another notable accomplishment was being named the top clinical educator in 2016 by the Lucy Hobbs Project for Clinical Excellence. “This was such a proud moment for me because one of my biggest goals is to inspire other women,” Dr. Bassett explains. The Lucy Hobbs Project Award honors women who have inspired, educated and empowered other women in the field of dentistry.

Still, Dr. Bassett is equally passionate about helping individuals find the proper cosmetic dentistry care. “I became a dentist to help people,” she explains. To that end, we asked Dr. Bassett to share her expert insight on what patients should look for when searching for a cosmetic dentist. 


Every aspect of every procedure I perform is focused on treatment planning to enhance the predictability and longevity of the final result,” she asserts.


Dr. Bassett explains that consistent, predictable and long-lasting results should be the goal of every patient…and every practitioner. “Every aspect of every procedure I perform is focused on treatment planning to enhance the predictability and longevity of the final result,” she asserts. This includes her diagnosis, tooth preparation, impressions, laboratory communication, examination, consultation, and communication.

Dr. Bassett encourages patients—as a starting point—to seek out a dentist who is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). “The AACD credentialing process is rigorous,” she explains. “It is proof that the dentist has a proven high-level of clinical skill, as well as the ability to successfully perform cosmetic dentistry procedures.”

She also stresses the importance of the consultation process. When a patient meets with a dentist, they should be evaluating the doctor’s training, knowledge of the procedure, experience, short- and long-term treatment plan and, of course, results.

Dr. Bassett asserts that cosmetic dentistry also requires an artistic sensibility. “So much of what a cosmetic dentist does is envision what the final restoration will look like and then execute against that vision,” she explains.

Having advanced technology is extremely helpful. Today’s adhesives allow for increased predictability, less sensitivity, and an increased success rate. Modern ceramics, too, are valuable because they are stronger and more natural-looking. And, of course, there is 3-D planning. “3-D digital smile design allows the doctor and patient to see the final product, so planning the restoration has become so much simpler,” she explains.

Looking at Dr. Bassett’s stellar results, it’s hard to argue with her advice. “I’ve always said that the biggest compliment I could receive is when a patient’s transformed smile reveals their inner beauty,” she says. “So many people come to me and say, ‘I was so nervous and scared to have the work done—now I wish I had done it sooner’. That is a truly wonderful feeling.”



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